Canon EOS C300 accessories, the new collimator, and a happy Emmy Award winner

Kit 456-20C300HD for Canon_EOS_C300 PL
Kit 456-20C300HD for Canon_EOS_C300 PL

New supports and matte box kits for Canon EOS C300

Canon recently unveiled the EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera. It will be available in two models. The EOS C300 comes with an EF mount, and is scheduled for release in January 2012. The EOS C300 PL features a PL mount, and is scheduled to be available in late March 2012. Chrosziel is proud to simultaneously launch matching light-weight supports and matte box kits.

Accessories for Canon EOS C300 (EF mount) are:

Accessories for Canon EOS C300 PL (PL mount) are:

  • The Chrosziel light-weight support LWS C300 HD (401-94HD), which offers a total rod length of 500 mm by adding a 190 mm extension rod to the 310 mm basic rod. The rear of the base plate features an extra pair of rod stabilizers. There is sufficient space for also mounting hand grips and a shoulder pad, which is an additional advantage of this set up.
  • The Chrosziel „HD Kit 456 Canon EOS C300 (PL)“ (456-20C300HD) is a combination of the LWS C300 HD, the MatteBox 456 Academy Double (456-20), and  the Flexi-Insertring (411-68) for 95 to 125 mm lens diameters. This gear is suitable for wide-angle PL-mount lenses up to 12 mm as well as the Canon EF Cinema Primes, the Zeiss CP II and many more.

The new CamCollimator is smaller, more flexible and more cost-efficient

For decades, Chrosziel collimators have been considered the instruments of choice in lens service labs when it comes to measuring the flange focal distance of lenses.

Chrosziel collimators produce fast and precise results which are reproducable. Other collimator types use sharpness of a projected Siemens star as the criteria for adjustment - which is subjective, as it relies on an individual‘s power of vision. Chrosziel collimators present test results as a simple graphic, indicating correct flange focal distance by the position of a vertical bar between two other bars.

The previous Universal CamCollimator used to come in two different versions. One was equipped with a universally adjustable sensor head for lenses and cameras. The other was for testing and adjusting lenses only, as it had a fixed optical set up.

The new CamCollimator C-LCC is smaller, more flexible and cost-efficient.

The total length of the optical bench has been reduced to 1000 mm. The modular set up gives maximum flexibility. The test instrument mount is able to hold either the CamCollimator or the Autoreflex Collimator. The collimation unit can be adjusted in height, moves side wards and tilts to meet the individual set up.

For lens testing, only one movable base is needed. It includes a sliding lens support with height adjustment. For a quick camera test without changing the measuring block, an optional second sliding platform is available (C-LCC-P2).

Smart engineering and standardization of the optical bench allows a price cut of about 25% compared to the older model.

The new Schott LED light source boats a life expectancy of 50.000 hours. The TFT monitor sits on a flexible arm and can be adjusted to individual needs. The state-of-the-art switching power supplies feeding light, camera and monitor are suitable for all types of electricity supply systems. Matching power plugs are included in the package.

The Chrosziel calibration equipment and all lens mounts remain unchanged and  are compatible with the Chrosziel Test Projector MK5 for visual inspection and determining the modulation-transfer function (MTF) with the MTF Star System.

Emmy Award for happy Chrosziel customer

Having just won an Emmy Award, cinematographer Ian Kerr recently sent us an email giving an enthusiastic appraisal of Chrosziel quality:
A film I shot in New Guinea for National Geographic (editor‘s note: ,Lost Mummies of New Guinea‘, shot in March 2010) was recently awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography.  The award gave me the opportunity to thank a lot of people who've helped me over the years and now I'm reaching out to some of the companies who's gear I've relied on as well.
I wanted to let you guys know I really like the design of your clip-on matte boxes and own a couple of them. I shoot a lot of wilderness and outdoor work and am always slipping filters in and out and your box is really the Mercedes of matte boxes. Please keep up the good work and know that we really appreciate that fine German craftsmanship that keeps working - especially when it is coated with mud and slime!

The IMDB has all of Ian‘s awards on this page:

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