Accessories for Cine-Xenar lenses and sales partnership with Schneider-Kreuznach ISCO Division

Cine-Xenar on EOS Canon 7D
Cine-Xenar on EOS Canon 7D

Chrosziel announces that it will sell the new Cine-Xenar lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach in Germany and internationally. A complete set of Chrosziel accessories will be offered with the Cine-Xenar lenses. The package includes: 5 lenses, LightWeight Support, MatteBox, DSW Direct Swing-Away-System, Follow Focus and a case, for a substantial savings of several thousand Euros.

The set with lenses of 25, 35, 50, 75 and 90 mm focal lengths, MatteBox 456 Academy Double, Bellows with Light Prevention Tube, DSW500 Adapter, LWS LightWeight Support for FGV 7D-PL, Studio Rig Cine Single follow focus with focus gear for Cine-Xenar and the transport-trolley-case sells for only EUR 18,450 (Art. no. CX-5PLMAKIT), compared to EUR 21,375 for individual purchase. Furthermore, the case is already prepared for the upcoming 18 mm Cine-Xenar lens.

The set for the original Canon EOS 7D costs EUR 18,560. The slightly higher price accounts for a lens support in order to relieve pressure on the EF-S mount.

Of course, the accessories designed specifically for the Cine-Xenar lenses are available individually as well. These are the Bellows with Light Prevention Tube (Art. no. 410-104, EUR 155), which fits into the MatteBox, and the Cine-Xenar Focus Drive (Art. no. 201-24, EUR 65) featuring a width of 26mm to compensate for the focus travel. Once properly aligned, the MatteBox and Follow Focus remain unchanged when switching lenses.

A very important feature, besides the excellent picture quality of the Cine-Xenar lenses, is their telecentric design, which ensures even illumination across the entire sensor.  And 12, 14 and up to 18 iris blades in the lenses guarantee a unique bokeh. “All remarkable for this price,” states a Chrosziel spokesman.

Additional sets for Red cameras and ARRI Alexa will be presented by Chrosziel at the Cinec show (Stand 3-A1) September 18th to 20th in Munich.

All prices without tax, ex works Heimstetten / Munich.

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