New Variable Support Rods, Chrosziel VariTube

Chrosziel VariTube Telescopes long and short
Chrosziel VariTube Telescopes long and short

All MatteBoxes using 15 mm support rods can now be perfectly placed in front of the lens with the VariTube telescopic rod.

Up to now, rods had to be individually adapted to the respective lens, allowing filters to rotate in front of the rods. The new VariTube have a basic length of 150 mm and an extension of 80 mm. The cap of 20 mm at the end of the extension has the standard diameter of 15 mm and thus either takes a MatteBox or is fixed in the LightWeight Support under the camera. StudioRig follow focus or FluidZoom Drive thus mount as usual on their standard diameter of 15 mm.

A quarter turn to the left disengages the inner clamping of the rod to vary the length between 150 and 230 mm. A turn in direction of the indicated arrows fixes the chosen length. The extension is made of solid aluminium and fits snugly into the outer rod made of heavy duty aluminium. This construction allows smooth sliding and easy adjustment even with load.

The weight of one pair is 141 g.

Chrosziel new VariTube telescopic rod can also be used with supports of other suppliers as long as they use 15 mm rod diameter.

Art. No. 401-01VT; RRP € 98,-

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