New Chrosziel Swing-Away-System

Chrosziel DSW 500 Adaptor Front- und Rückansicht
Chrosziel DSW 500 Adaptor Front- und Rückansicht

All MatteBoxes and SunShades1 for 15mm rods can now be equipped with the patented Chrosziel Direct Swing-Away-System DSW. It allows them to swing away and thus accelerates lens change.

The new DSW 500 Adaptor with its pivoting radius of 100mm provides comfortable lens change not only for owners of Chrosziel MatteBoxes, but also for customers of competitiors’ products.

With the DSW 500 Adaptor, all Chrosziel Sunshades and MatteBoxes can now be used with a Swing-Away System.

Chrosziel quotes the DSW 500 Adaptor (401-503) for € 328. - (MSRP)

The DSW 500 Adaptor fits on the following MatteBoxes:

  1. 2/3“ HD / SD Format:
    • MB 415
    • SD 4122
    • MB C2 Bellows housing
    • MB C2 Wide-angle housing
    • SD 4112
    • SD 4212
  2. 1/3“ HD Format3:
    • MB 450R1
    • MB 450R2
    • MB 450R3
    • MB 450R2 Super Wide
  3. Compact 35mm / Full Format Chip:
    • MB 456 Academy4
  4. Competitiors’ Products
    • Fits when using the 15 mm Video Standard



  1. with rod adaptor
  2. with Center Adaptor
  3. To be used when the pivoting radius of the smaller DSW 400 is not sufficient to swing around the zoom grip of 1/3“or ½“ lenses.
  4. Introduced at IBC 2009: a universal MatteBox System with three rotating filters, and a SunShade to clamp on lenses up to 130 mm Ø, as well as an adequate compact Production MatteBox with the Swing-Away Adaptor.


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