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Chrosziel prove their competence in digital cinematography, new accessories for Sony F35 / F23

Chrosziel Cine Style rig for the Sony F35
Chrosziel Cine Style rig for the Sony F35

With their new accessory packet, Chrosziel have come to optimize digital cinematography with the Sony F35.

The QuickLock BridgePlate with 19 mm supports is known to be a stable basis. The High End MatteBox 602 with its four filterstages is the only one to be able to position filterholders by a toothed gear. A flexible shaft allows, for example, subtle and smooth tracking of the horizon of a graduation filter when the camera is tilted. The 6.6x6.6“ filter size allows all positions of the filterstages without restriction from 10 mm focal length. Even a Zeiss Ultra Prime with 8mm or a Canon 7-57mm in wide angle position harmonize with the MB 602 when the last stage-pack is removed – easy with the quick mount - and the first stage is used for shooting. It goes without saying that the MatteBox has a Swing-Away System for quick lens change. Its height adjustment compensates for the differences of the various base plates for the F35 and F23 and the differences of other camera types. It adjusts tool-free and precisely over a range of 10 mm. The MB 602 is field-tested in many TV and motion picture productions; at Prime Focus in Mumbai alone, for example, 50 MB 602s are in use every day, Chrosziel say.

Chrosziel Studio Monitor Mount and Cine Style Viewfinder Extension on theSony F35

Especially for Sony’s HD viewfinder HDVF C35 for the F35 and F23, Chrosziel now delivers their Cine Style Conversion. The original viewfinder monitor is connected to a modified EX-3 eye piece by means of an adapter housing and fixed to the camera and the tripod head through a lateral rod assembly. The viewfinder thus keeps its position when the camera is tilted. The result is a bright viewfinder image and a straight view. The modified viewfinder mounts also directly on the camera without support.

For the first time, Chrosziel has presented a variable Accessory Mount to the public. It was developed upon customer requirements and fits on top of the camera housing’s right side. The lower part holds the camera’s control box. Its upper part is designed to fix the Sony studio monitor HDVF C750. The mount uses the threads of the lateral hand grip.

Recommended retail price for MatteBox MB 602 will be € 3,890.-, and € 3,427.- for the Cine Style Conversion, the Accessory Mount  will be at € 373,-

Chrosziel GmbH, 07.04.2009