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40th Anniversary Special: Huge savings off classic Fluid Zoom Drive until March 31st

Simply the best since 1974: Chrosziel's Fluid Zoom Drive.
Simply the best since 1974: Chrosziel's Fluid Zoom Drive.

Once a quarter in 2013, Chrosziel will announce a huge discount for selected products as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations.

Starting off with a classic, Chrosziel offers the legendary Fluid Zoom Drive at a very special price until March 31st (actual prices are set by the individual dealer and may vary at their discretion).

Since its invention in 1974, Chrosziel's Fluid Zoom Drive has been given highest praise by camera pros around the world. It is widely considered the gold standard in zoom drives. That is why Chrosziel does like Coca Cola, and keeps the recipe for its dampening a close secret.

Very few know how the fluid dampening exactly is achieved. But many know how it feels to be using the Fluid Zoom Drive. It is a feeling of total control and unrivalled, smooth precision. The special fluid dampening allows for extremely slow, almost unnoticable zooms.

Truth be told, at the end of the 90's, some believed that zoom toggles would take over, as their electronics had improved rapidly. This changed when experience showed that the human hand still is the most precise instrument for zooming a lens during filming.

Today, as 35 mm is getting ever more popular, and the differences dwindle between production for movies and television, the Fluid Zoom Drive again is first choice for serious camera pros. And you can get it only from Chrosziel. Check out your nearest Chrosziel dealer to receive an offer.