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The innovation leader in lens remote controls: ALADIN MKII

At the ALADIN‘s heart lay ease-of-use, a sophisticated layout and German precision engineering. Camera pros, distributors and even competitors who have tested Chrosziel‘s remote lens control agree: ALADIN MK II leads the pack. Chrosziel is building remote lens control systems since 1989.

The ALADIN MK II consists of a modular handset and a small receiver controlling up to eight motors (here's a large foto: http://www.chrosziel.de/data/chrosziel/media/doc/AL2-MCU8-401.jpg).

These are features that make the ALADIN MK II stand out:

    * Control internal motors: You can control and power the internal motors of digital Canon and Fujinon lenses. No external motors for zoom, focus and iris are necessary, and no extra power supply is required. Communication and power all run through the serial auxiliary port of the Aladin MkII control box. Makes life easier and more cost effective, especially when using a Steadicam or any other stabilizer.

    * Get started quickly and work fast: The ALADIN MK II calibrates motors automatically. Just plug and shoot. For more advanced setups, the receiver comes with a built-in display, so there is no need for an extra monitoring device and extra cabling. The operating menu on the display of the receiver is simple and straightforward. You can adjust settings quickly and easily.

    * Keep in step with latest innovations: It‘s easy to upgrade and update the ALADIN MK II. Software can be installed on the receiver via USB interface from a standard memory stick. For example, Chrosziel will add serial wire transmission via PC to the ALADIN MK II‘s feature list in the very near future. And it is easy to add or replace single functional components of the handheld device because of its modular layout.

    * Shoot in 3-D using a stereo rig: ALADIN MK II is able to operate focus, zoom and aperture on both camera lenses and at the same time control angles and distance between cameras.
    * Shoot in 5-D: Adding the new Extension Base to lens remote control Aladin MK II, you can now shoot Stereo 3-D and 2-D simultaneously.
    * Be safe: Reliability is a top concern for Chrosziel developers. You find it in every detail of the system. The ALADIN‘s handheld modules are equipped with military-grade connectors for maximum robustness. A RF spectrum analyzer can help identify sources of wireless interference and pick the best transmission channel at any particular location. And you can easily switch to cable using the BNC connector and a standard Video-BNC line.

    * Add more value: ALADIN MKII records time code and meta data for post-production.

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