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Camera accessories for Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic present their Cinema Camera at trade fairs equipped with Chrosziel accessories
Blackmagic present their Cinema Camera at trade fairs equipped with Chrosziel accessories

Shooting professional film requires reliable camera accessories. Because perfect moments never come with a repeat button. And because shooting time typically is very expensive.

Chrosziel has a deep record of producing industrial-grade camera accessories designed for maximum usability. Every new camera on the market benefits from Chrosziel's long-standing experience and top quality approach.

When Blackmagic Design introduced their Blackmagic Cinema Camera, we assembled an accessory kit tailored to the exact specifications of the new camera. The Chrosziel accessories kit for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera contains a matte box, a follow focus and a light-weight support (see below for the exact specifications).

Newbies in filmmaking often wonder why a great camera and lenses shouldn't be enough to start shooting. Here's what Chrosziel's matte box and follow focus will do for your work with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera:

A matte box lets you control lens flares and other aberrations caused by  unintended light - which is essential when shooting film. Thus, the matte box gives you complete creative control over the image. Swapping filters is much more convenient, quicker and safer with a matte box than with screw-on filters.

In order to adjust the image focus smoothly and with precise repeatability, you need a follow focus. It allows control of the camera’s focus ring without touching the camera’s body or the lens barrel, preventing you from moving the camera by mistake. And the gear translation lets you change focus with total accuracy.

The quality of the design and the manufacturing are key for these accessories. In a matte box, for example, you'll want independently rotating filter stages working reliably no matter how many beatings your matte box has to take during filming. And you'll want your follow focus to have zero play and give you perfect control. You don't want pieces to fall off or stand in the way of other gear or camera parts.

You'll want your accessories for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera to fit perfectly with your camera and set-up. And you'll want them to never let up and to always function properly, no matter what. That is exactly what Chrosziel professional camera accessories will do for you.

Chrosziel's starter kit for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is for use with EF and ZF mount photo lenses (product code: 450R2-BMD1KIT). It contains these accessories:

- MatteBox 450R2 with double-rotating filter stage, incl. mask 16:9, french flag (450-11), pivot mechanism for side wings, rotatable filterholders 4x4 (402-12) and multiformat 4x4/4x5.650 (410-04), rod clamping Ø15mm rods, and cover end plate Ø110mm
- Flexi-Insertring 110:50/85mm (450-22)
- LWS LightWeightSupport Universal (401-440)
- DV StudioRig follow focus (206-05S), supplemented by Gear Drive DV Rig 0.8, Ø 36,8mm (206-12) and FlexiGearRing Ø 60-120mm (206-30) for photo lenses which usually don't come with focus gear rings for a follow focus

At this time, we are preparing another kit for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera which will be for use with larger or adapted PL mount cine lenses. It will be based on MatteBox MB 450W Super Wide (450W-20) and carry product code 450W-BMD1KIT.

By the way, we are proud to see that folks at Blackmagic Design seem to love Chrosziel accessories, too. They have been presenting their new camera at trade fairs equipped with Chrosziel accessories (see image above). And look at the picture on their product page...