Video: The new MatteBox MB 565 CINE.1

The new MatteBox MB 565 CINE.1 has been developed to meet the rigorous demands of today‘s cinematic productions and unites virtually all conceivable applications in one product. Watch our new video for the product and get more information to the all-rounder.

Video: Light Weight Support 401-FS7 for Sony PXW-FS7

With the new Light Weight Support 401-FS7 for Sony PXW-FS7, Chrosziel developed a support with integrated shoulder pad and unparalleled slim design. The ergonomic pad is slideable and allows easy and safe rest of the LWS on the shoulder.

4K-Soccer in Brasil 2014 – Chrosziel was in game!

At the Maracanã stadion in Rio de Janeiro, the latest Chrosziel Lens Control Systems were succsessfully used: The Aladin Broadcast and the new Magnum.

Download brochures and firmware

Download product brochures as pdf or firmware.


Best Compatibility

MagNum and Aladin Lens Control Systems are compatible with a broad range of lenses, motors, cameras and remote panels. They are under constant development. Discover the various applications besides their standard use.

How MatteBox MB 450R2 excelled in the Sahara

"An invaluable tool" - cameraman Martin Biebel raves about the performance of Chrosziels MatteBox MB 450R2 in the desert sand. He has travelled to the Sahara for German magazine Videoaktiv.

CustomCage Direct: The cage to bring you freedom

The CustomCage Direct exactly matches your camera. Light-weight and extremely robust, it offers numerous mounting points while keeping all ports and controls fully accessible. Because it is based on the CustomCage system, the CustomCage Direct can be easily expanded.

Maximum ergonomics: New MagNum kits

Complete MagNum packages for the one-channel and two-channel versions offer a significant price advantage over purchasing each component separately. Discover the joy of focussing with Chrosziel's MagNum kits.