Overview, Camera Kits: Ready-to-shoot, comprise LWS Support, MatteBox and Light-Prevention-Ring

MB 450R2 / 450W Camera complete Sets:  |  Article No.
Universal KIT (opt. axis height 44-69 mm; lens Ø 75-98 mm)  |  450R2-UNI15KIT
Blackmagic Design Cinecam 26 KEF (incl. Follow Focus)  |  450R2-BMD1KIT
Canon XF 305 / 300  |  450R2-XF305KIT
Canon EOS C300  |  450W-20C300KIT
Sony HVR-V1  |  450R2-V1KIT
Nikon D800 (with MB and FollowFocus)  |  206-D800BKIT
Sony HXR-NX5  |  450R2-NX5KIT
Sony PMW-EX1 / HVR-Z7  |  450R2-EX1KIT
Sony PMW-EX3  |  450R2-EX3AKIT
Sony PMW-EX3 Super Wide Kit, wide angle  |  450W-EX3KIT
Sony NEX-FS100  |  450R2-NEXFS100KIT
Sony NEX-FS700  |  450R2-NEXFS700KIT
Panasonic AG-AF100 (Obj. Ø 50-85 mm)  |  450R2-AF1KIT
Panasonic AG-AF100 (Obj. Ø 75-98 mm)  |  450R2-AF2KIT
Panasonic HPX 300  |  450R2-HPXKIT
Panasonic HPX 170/171 / HMC 150/151 / Sony HVR-Z5  |  450R2-HMCKIT
Panasonic HPX 250 / 160 / 130  |  450R2-HPX250KIT
JVC GY-HD200 / 251  |  450R2-JVC200KIT
JVC GY-HM700 (for 14x4.4 lens)  |  450R2-JVC700AKIT
JVC GY-HM750  |  450R2-JVC750KIT
JVC GY-HM100  |  450R2-JVCHM1KIT
MB 456 Academy Camera complete Sets:  |  Article No.
Canon EOS C300 / C500  |  456-20C300HDKIT
Sony PMW-F3  |  456-20F3HDKIT
Sony PMW-F3 (15 mm CF rods)  | 


Panasonic AG-3DA1  |  456-203DA1KIT
Panasonic AG-AF100 (Lens Ø 95-125 mm)  |  456-20AF1KIT
Panasonic AG-AF100 (Lens Ø 95-125 mm)  |  456-20AFHDKIT
MB 456 Academy / Arri ALEXA complete Sets:  |  Article No.
ALEXA Basic Kit (incl. MatteBox)  |   456-20AL
ALEXA StudioRig Kit (incl. MB and Follow Focus)  |   456-20ALSR
ALEXA CF19 Kit / Sony V-mount (19 mm CF rods)  |   401-121CFKIT

For further DSLR Kits please go to:
Nikon D800 Start Kit oder per Download der InfoPage DSLR.

The MatteBox 450R2 and 450W Kits comprise the LWS Light-Weight-Supports with base 401-400/440 and a Light-Prevention-Ring fitting to the standard lens. The same applies to the version for the Panasonic AG-3DA1 with the MB 456 Academy.

The MatteBox 456 Academy Kits comprise the LWS HD with a second rod stabilizer and split aluminum rods with 15 mm diameter. The basic rod has the length of 310 mm. There is an extension with 190 mm. The CF Kits comprise Chrosziel carbon fibre rods with 15 mm Ø and 500 mm length instead of the aluminum rods.

As light cover, these kits come with the Flexi–Light-Prevention-Ring, 411-68, for lens diameters from 95 to 125 mm.

Alexa Kits: They comprise MB 456 Academy and the Flexi–Insert-Ring, 411-68, for lens diameters from 95 to 125 mm.

The Basic Kit is supported by the telescopic VariTube rods and the DSW 500 Direct-Swing-System.

The StudioRig Kit additionally comprises  the follow focus StudioRig Cine Single (204-01S) with drive gear Ø 36,8 mm, mod 0.8 (201-22).

The ALEXA CF19 Kit comprises QuickLock plate, bridge plate and precision ground 19 mm carbon fibre rods (CF) with 500 mm length. The CF rods are made to Chrosziel specification and save more than 80% of weight compared to steel rods.