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About us


With the MagNum and Aladin BC (Broadcast) , Chrosziel GmbH launches 2 new lens control systems !

Chrosziel develops and manufactures precision mechanical, optical and electronic products such as MatteBoxes, SunShades, Fluid-Zoom-Drives, and follow focus controls which all meet the highest user requirements.
The CustomCage, Chrosziels innovative solution for many compact digital film and video cameras was designed in cooperation with users for users. So we did with the new wireless remote-control systems, the MagNum for 2 channel control.
With the other the multichannel lens control systems, the  ALADIN MKII and Aladin BC,  all are unsurpassed in reliability and precision.
Chrosziel also produces test equipment for service and daily testing of lenses and cameras such as the UniversalCamCollimator and  the Projector MK5.

Our products are an integral part of productions all over the world due to:
• intuitive handling
• precise reproducibility in function and result
• robust and reliable design
• excellent price and performance

Chrosziel GmbH is the market leader in its product lines:
…for optical excellence!
…made in Germany!

Our headquarters are in Kirchheim, Germany, near Munich.