Meet Alexa`s best friend

Beauty comes in pairs: The brand new Chrosziel Kit is a perfect match for Arri's latest stunner.

It's light, easy to handle and so well-equipped, you just want to get your hands on this kit. Chrosziel's patented Direct Swing Away System allows changing lenses at the blink of an eye. The VariTube telescopic rods smoothly adapt to varying lense lengths. There are two independent rotating filter stages on the MatteBox for lens angles up to 12 mm. You can shoot both in Academy and 16:9 format.

The Chrosziel Kit is a perfect fit for Arri's new camera. And it comes at a spectacular price.

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The basic Chrosziel Kit 456-20AL is available for €1,428.- *) and it contains :

  1. The MatteBox 456 Academy Double with 2 multi-format filter holders for 4x5.650” and 5x5”, French Flag, matte for 16:9 format
  2. One light prevention ring of customer’s choice (e. g. 411-65 for 114 mm lens diameter of Master Primes)
  3. One Direct Swing Away System DSW500 for 15 mm rod diameter
  4. One set of 2 VariTube telescopic 15 mm rods, adjustable from 150 mm – 230 mm length; both ends clamp to camera or MatteBox, therefore any position for the accessories is provided.

The upgraded Chrosziel Kit 456-20ALSR is available for € 2,529.- *), and adds one light weight Studio Rig Cine Single 204-01S with the 201-22 gear, mod 0.8.

*) ex works plus VAT where applicable

To place an order now, call +49 89 9010 910 or send your email to

Download: Data sheet of Chrosziel Kits for Alexa (pdf, 136KB)